Video Production

At PepperBox, we shoot and edit in super35 HD video, and we can capture up to 4K resolution as required. We produce the highest quality green screen compositing, interviews, and b-roll available today.

What does this mean for you? Whether presenting to your target audiences on a large auditorium screen, web browser, or mobile device, your video will retain the highest quality image, sound, and impact available. We are dedicated to making the production process easy for you; our experience from conception to delivery make us the right choice for your project.

Please Contact us if you'd like to see a demo of our work!


This stage includes everything from brainstorming ideas, to scripting, to booking participants and locations. PepperBox can work closely with your creative team, or we can take the worry out of your hands and develop concepts for your approval.


Our Director of Photography will manage your production, oversee the crew, lighting and sound, and ensure your participants are relaxed and at ease.


This is where we turn footage and assets into a polished project. Our post-production manager will be directly involved in every aspect, from editing to directing voice talent and audio mixing.